Dr. Alkaitis

Dr. Alkaitis Raw Organic Skin Care products are made with edible living ingredients - certified organic/biodynamic and wild-crafted herbs, fruits, sea vegetables and virgin cold-pressed vegetable and essential oils. These are sourced solely from vetted individual farmers and wild-crafters worldwide. All of our products are herbal extracts are made in-house without the use chemicals. The outcome is a dynamic and healthy 'living' skin care line that produces instant visible results.

Dr. Alkaitis: "On our skin, probiotics maintain the acid mantle (pH balance), which acts like an epidermal ozone layer. Everyday products can contribute to the skin becoming imbalanced. Sulphates from shampoos and cleansers, cheap non-organic alcohol, glycerine, and harsh astringents all strip the skin. In fact, irritation is now considered one of the key culprits of premature aging, as the body's response to irritation is to create both DNA damaging free radicals, and a collagen-digesting enzyme."

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