The Dome - Roller en quarzt rose The Dome - Roller en quarzt rose

Solaris Laboratories NY
The Dome - A hexagonal crystal roller

Highly stimulating, as the balls roll and turn on the face it draws and encourages microcirculation + replenishment of nutrients on the skin. The rose quartz roll as you glide the roller.

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THE DOME was inspired and designed by our team to resemble a very peculiar molecule that exist in nature called a Fullerene - also known as a 'bucky ball'.

This hexagonal shape that occurs in nature is a hollow ball of carbon molecules bound together to look like a soccer ball. In nature this is a super antioxidant that on a large scale takes on the shape of each of the two rose quartz balls with the hexagonal hand cut texture of rose quartz.


Collagen stimulating
Softens Fine lines
Immediate glow 
Lymphatic Drainage

Vegan | Sans huiles essentielles | Gluten free

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