Brosse de soin cheveux Normaux à Epais

Olivier Lebrun
Brosse de soin - Normal to thick hair

The Brush Care Brown bristle for normal to thick hair. It consists only of natural wild boar bristles, which have not been bleached. This exceptional quality allows a perfect respect of the structure of the hair, without causing forks and broken hair.

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The Brush Care is aptly named:
- It cleans the scalp like the hair: the brush strokes eliminate dust and pollen. True ecological gesture, it allows to space the shampoos.
- It distributes the sebum from the root to the ends. It restores the shine and avoids
the effect of fat roots and dry ends.
- It strengthens the scalp by activating the micro-circulation and facilitating the absorption
- It brings volume by aerating the hair and avoiding the knots. It can penetrate the hair
particularly thick.

For his Brush of Care, Olivier Lebrun thought everything, mastered, controlled. This work was done in France, in partnership with a craftsman labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant exercising since 1875.

Each brush has a knotted red thread on its handle. It only remains to make a wish ... A wish of hair. One day, the wire will not be there anymore …

Like any gesture of care, there is a ritual. The famous 100 brushstrokes morning and evening on dry hair were already the most shared beauty secret of our grandmothers. So, we do not change anything:
- 25 brush strokes upside down, brush from the neck to the forehead
- 25 inclined head brush strokes on the left, brushing from the right ear to the left ear
- 25 strokes of the brush, head inclined to the right, brush from the left ear to the right ear
- Finally, 25 strokes from the front to the back

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