Botanical Eye Serum

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Botanical Eye Serum

Our botanical eye serum is designed for the tired, inflamed, often dark circles under the eyes. We use only the most nourishing oils needed to help boost the skin’s natural collagen and elasticity on the most delicate area of our face. Perfect for all skin types

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capacity : 15ml

Jojoba oil: nutrient rich, closest to human sebum , reduces inflammation and redness*almond oil: contains fatty acids, vitamins a + e, penetrates easily into the skin
Rosehip oil: natural source of vitamins a + c, fatty acid
Grapeseed oil: anti-inflammatory, rich in linoleic acid, tones and brightens the skin, diminishes age spots and dark circles
Pomegranate seed oil: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative, protects against sun damage
Carrot seed oil: natural source of vitamin a, natural spf
Lavender essential oil: powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, aromatherapeutic, cell regenerative, anti-bacterial
Frankincense essential oil: diminishes age spots, skin tightening, pore reducing, cell regenerative, anti-inflammatory
Sandalwood essential oil: antioxidant , anti-inflammatory, reduces dark under eye circles
Clary sage essential oil: anti-inflammatory, aromatherapeutic
Rose geranium essential oil: balancing, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative
Blue chamomile essential oil: anti-inflammatory, calming
Rosemary essential oil: intensely nutritive, increases the skin’s elasticity and protects skin cells from damage
Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant, moisturizing, diminishes scars and age spots, moisturizin

Gluten free | Vegan

Gently apply 1-2 drops under each eye after cleansing and toning. Do not use on eyelids or get into eyes.

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