Rose Quartz Energizing Hair Comb

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Rose Quartz Energizing Hair Comb

Give your hair and scalp that extra boost of energy next time you brush your hair.

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Give your hair and scalp that extra boost of energy next time you brush your hair.
Why Rose Quartz?
This stone is a powerhouse for soothing the heart and mind. It has ability to ground, nurture, help manifest unconditional love and forgiveness. It can help raise your self esteem and restore balance in your emotions. The stone was most extensively used in beauty dating back from Egyptian times where it was used ground up and placed on the face, or worn by Pharaohs to balance energy. 
In beauty Rose Quartz is known for stimulating circulation and uplifting emotions. The energy of the crystal is anti anxiety therefore allowing the owner to feel an energetically and emotionally cleansed feeling.
Rose quartz has been used since ancient times across many civilizations for its anti-aging and healing properties. In Egypt women ground up the rose quartz stone and applied it on their face as a part of their beauty regimen. It is said Cleopatra bathed with rose quartz crystals, and pharaohs wore it as a pendant to balance their energy. Quartz rollers have also been used in Chinese culture since the 7th century for their ability to promote youth.  Its calming energy can bring deep inner healing and self love and is excellent for those who want to surround themselves with giving and receiving love.

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