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Solaris Laboratories NY
The Prosperity Set

Open the door of opportunity and get ready for greatness with the two most potent gemstones Pyrite and Citrine by keeping them in your work space. 

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Pyrite is a stone of intellect and protection.
It is mainly known for attracting wealth and bringing wisdom when it comes to financial decisions. Being an action stone its vibe influences and pushes your mindset to make the right decision and get the job done and its solar energy pulls out your willpower from deep within to help you accomplish goals beyond your wildest dreams. 

Citrine is known as The Merchant's Stone.
It is a powerful gemstone magnet for abundance that promotes wealth, prosperity and success. Citrine magnifies the power of will and is excellent for interpersonal relationship skills.  Its energy strengthens intelligence and intellect thereby assisting in concentration, decision making during important life events, meetings, or business deals. 
Because both gemstones resonate with the solar plexus, they work synergistically together to amplify each others effects. 

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