Gourde en verre 500ml Gourde en verre 500ml

Bazar Bio Tools
Glass Bottle 500ml

Drinking at least one liter of water a day is a beauty action that solves many skin problems! It is the basis for an even, luminous, plump, smooth and blemish-free complexion. A well hydrated skin is a beautiful skin. The Bazar Bio water bottle will allow you to include this essential gesture in your beauty routine.

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An increase in water consumption allows you to:
- Increase the elasticity of the skin
- Reduce dehydration lines and wrinkles
- Improve radiance and even out skin tone
- Eliminate toxins and reduce blemishes
- Unclog pores and reduce shine
- Calm imitations
- Reduce dark circles
- Enable skin care to perform better

Made of glass and protected by silicone. You can carry it everywhere thanks to its ergonomic and waterproof cap.

Dishwasher safe.

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