Tongue Cleanser Tongue Cleanser

Tongue Cleanser

The ideal accessory to complete your dental routine and regain a balanced oral microbiota.

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Our mouth is home to more than 700 types of bacteria. Studies have shown that scraping is much more effective than a toothbrush in removing bacteria from the tongue.
Gently cleaning your tongue every day is an essential step in boosting the body's natural detoxification process. The result is better breath, improved oral hygiene and a balanced oral microbiota. The Aime Skincare's tongue cleanser is 100% copper, known for its antimicrobial properties. It has smooth, thick edges and is designed to cover the entire tongue. It also comes with a nice travel pouch.

A tongue scraper is used in the morning, before eating or drinking, to remove bacteria that has accumulated on your tongue overnight.
We invite you to hold one end of the tongue scraper between each hand and place the rounded part on the back of your tongue. Then, while applying gentle pressure to your tongue, simply scrape your tongue from the back to the front. You can finish in the middle and several times on each side of your tongue.

Entretien : 
Simply rinse and wipe off after use. If you want to keep your tongue scraper sparkling, you can clean it with a cloth with salt and white vinegar and rinse it under water.

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