Sea Vitamin C Glow Sea Vitamin C Glow

Sea Vitamin C Glow

Awaken the Glow with the Mara daily skin-boosting beauty powder powered by vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage from the sun and pollution while supporting glowing skin and natural collagen production.

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Superfoods moringa and spirulina promote healthy-looking skin thanks to vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, while stress balancing adaptogens–chlorella, reishi and ginseng–help promote energy, strengthen immunity and balance complexion from the inside out for a gorgeous, look-at-me glow.

Tastes like a refreshing, light piña colada with subtle hints of coconut and pineapple. Incorporate the Sea Vitamin C Glow as apart of your daily skin ritual, mixing in one scoop with 10 oz of cold water. Each jar contains 15 servings. 

Immunity-boosting vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage from the environment–like sun, pollution and blue light–and naturally supports collagen synthesis for glowing skin. 

This algae is the building block of the freshwater food chain and is chock full of essential fatty acids, proteins and trace minerals to gently help detoxify the body, boost energy levels and immunity. 

Sea superfood spirulina is chock full of B complex vitamins, protein and trace minerals to reduce inflammation and purify the skin + body. 

Known as the “Mushroom of Immortality,” this beautifying mushroom helps de-stress, boost immunity and reduce puffiness. 

"Miracle tree" superfood has 90+ nutrients, 46 antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, D & E to boost overall nutrition, relieve stress, and improve digestion.

Certified Non-GMO. Vegan. Gluten-Free.

Sans huiles essentielles | Vegan | Gluten free

Chlorella*, turmeric root*, horseradish tea leaf*, spiruline*, reishi*, asian ginseng*, phyllostachys heterocycla leaf, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera whole plant extract*, maltodextrin*, citric acid, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract.
* organics ingredients

Mix 1 scoop of Sea Vitamin C Glow powder in with 8-10oz of cold water daily. Shake or stir well.

Consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if pregnant, breastfeeding, or under medical supervision. Packaged in a facility that handles, stores, and processes tree nuts.

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