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Growth Phase

For those struggling with hair loss or slow growing hair. 
Clinically studied, patented extract proven to increase hair growth and density in 
12 weeks, paired with full spectrum hair support complex delivering essential 
minerals, micronutrients and adaptogens for beautiful, full, healthy hair.

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capacity : 90 capsules

Biovabio : Egg membrane extract clinically proven to increase hair thickness, growth and decrease hair breakage within 12 weeks 
of use.
Bioavailble Vitamins C, D, E, K, B3, B1, B2, B12, Folate : Over 100% of every one of these key vitamins and minerals, each performs a key function in supporting the production and growth 
of hair
Organic Rhodiola : Proven to reduce everyday stress and reduce inflammation in the body. By moderating your body’s stress response, hair follicles 
are able to repair and regenerate more effectively
Biotin : Key vitamin for supporting hair growth which also 
supports the keratin infrastructure of hair
Horsetail : Rich in silica which help to reduce hair thinning and 
Saw Palmetto : A DHT blocker which helps to address 
hormonal imbalances
Kelp : Rich in iodine and essential for endocrine 
and thyroid health
Reishi Mushroom : A DHT blocker that can be used to 
prevent hair loss and keep your scalp 

Gluten free

Use with Supa_Thick : A tandem topical and internal is the only way to truly 
address the functional health and cosmetic concerns 
related to hair thinning or loss .

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