Botanical Toner

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Botanical Toner

Our botanical toner is a wonderfully simple yet powerful herbal elixir designed to target congested and sensitive skin. Perfect for all skin types.

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capacity : 100ml

Lavender water: steam distillation of fresh lavender herb, perfect for combination skin, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
Witch hazel: anti-inflammatory, natural astringent, tightens pores
Aloe vera juice: anti-inflammatory, calming
Calendula extract: natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen production
Comfrey extract: anti-inflammatory, potent skin-healing agent, cell regenerative
Borage extract: anti-inflammatory, rich in essential fatty acids, great for eczema
Burdock extract: anti-inflammatory
Marshmallow extract: combats puffiness
Oatstraw extract: calming
Willowbark extract: a natural source of salicylic acid, acts as a gentle exfoliant
Non-gmo glycerine: an emollient, attracts moisture to the skin making it moist, soft, and supple
Lavender essential oil: powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, aromatherapeutic, cell regenerative, anti-bacterial
Clary Sage essential oil: anti-inflammatory, aromatherapeutic

Gluten free

Spray on face or apply with a soft cotton pad after cleansing to re-balance the skin’s pH.

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