Eau de parfum I Love les Carottes

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Eau de parfum I Love les Carottes

A blend of a raw, cult-like and arty, soft cocktail.  Incisive, but comfortable- just like the confidence one puts into values of innocence.  A vivid bite of raw odours in order to gorge oneself of an excess of jubilation and health. 

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ALL IS GOOD IN CARROTS ! With this comforting wonder, Olivia has initiated, with love, by cooking, freezing, and cooking again the carrots from organic farmers in the streets of Harlem and by crossing the crudity of the carrot juice. Sheis moved by this olfactory dietetic.
This experimentation has led her to write her own recipe book : blending the seeds thinned out from the carrot fl ower which still smell of the divine, natural, odour of the earth, combined with the mild orange tanginess of the Caribbean, imbedding the seductive scent of vanilla and the secretive essence of orris butter.

Head notes : Raw Carottes
Heart notes : orange douce , Iris Butter and Bourbon Vanilla
Base notes : Patchouli and Benjoin


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