Lymphatic Drainage

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Drainage Lymphatique

Lymphatic Drainage

A real beauty secret for radiance, the purity and youthfulness of the skin

What's Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph is this transparent liquid that bathes the whole body, it is this which flushes out toxins. Lymph does not have a heart like blood to circulate it, hence the importance of activating and reviving its network through massage. By draining the face and neck, we will eliminate toxins and excess fluid. The lymph circulates very slowly, which is why this massage should be practiced regularly: daily or 3 times a week minimum.

Drainage Lymphatique

What are the Effects of Drainage on the Skin?

ANTI-WRINKLES: lymphatic massage oxygenates the cells which will produce more collagen for plump skin. There is a reduction in wrinkles and sagging of the contours of the face.

FIRMING: Lymphatic massage will decongest and firm faces that are puffy, swollen or ringed due to an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in certain areas of the face.

BRIGHTENING: A dull complexion results from excess toxins as well as oxidized cells.
ANTI-ACNE: Thanks to regular lymphatic massage, the skin is purified, rid of toxins ... ideal for calming inflammation and for acne-prone skin.

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