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Jena Covello

Her beauty tips, her favorite products... Jena Covello, founder of Agent Nateur, shares her secrets !

Your motivation for launching Agent Nateur ?

I have a history with endometriosis and adenomyosis and began taking a holistic approach to my health to heal both estrogen dominant autoimmune conditions. Many doctors began telling me to avoid using aluminum antiperspirant because it mimics estrogen. I couldn’t find a natural deodorant to work so I began making my own. I wanted to create something that was equally beautiful as it was healthy and effective. At the time nothing existed. We are the first luxury natural deodorant.

Agent Nateur

What is your skin type ?

Dry with some redness.

What is your daily beauty regimen ?
Your weekly routine ?

I don’t wash my skin in the am with anything except water. I apply Agent Nateur holi water rose and hyaluronic toner with holi c and holi oil. Then I apply spf and a balm that I created.

I like matte lipstick and lipliner but aside from that I don’t wear much makeup. I have been developing an acid face wash so I use that in the evenings and i follow with a non toxic retin A that I get from my doctor.

I take baths every day and I’m so excited to launch a very luxurious, creamy coconut milk bath that hydrates the skin. I get dermaplaning facials once a month.

Agent Nateur

What do you do if you have a spot ?

I apply holi c or retin a

What is your make-up for the day ? for the night ?

For the day just lipstick and lipliner. For the evening I add a light foundation and RMS luminizer on my cheekbones.

What do you use for your body ?

Our holi oil body serum. It is the best moisturizer I have ever used! It leaves your skin glowing and moisturized. It also helps cellulite and absorbs quickly so it’s not greasy.

What is your make-up tip ?

If you have small almond eyes like me, you probably look better without eyeshadow and mascara. I don’t have much of an eyelid so I keep my eyes free of makeup. Use a foundation that feels more like a tinted moisturizer for a natural look. Use a matte lipliner to create fuller lips and apply a highlighter like RMS directly under the eyes and on the cheekbones.

Do you have a special beauty tip ?

Use a balm under your eyes for a very dewy effect.

Do you have a beauty DIY recipe ?

I love to add epsom salt to my conditioner twice a month to really clean and clarify the hair.

Agent Nateur

Do you have a special beauty recipe (like a detox recipe) ?

This would be our adaptogen Holi (Youth) :).

What supplements do you take ?

I take a lot because of my conditions for endometriosis and adenomyosis. Vitamin D3 with K2 which is preventive of so many diseases. It helps the liver detox and flushes the body of bad estrogen. K2 ensures you are absorbing the D3. Iron because I am anemic, DIM to get rid of estrogen dominance, Alpha Lipoic Acid to diminish endometriosis pain, 10mg of melatonin per night to cut estrogen dominance, NAC to help the liver produce more glutathione, magnesium citrate, a methylated B complex.

If you have an autoimmune condition it’s important to get the MTHFR test. If it’s positive it means you aren’t absorbing B vitamins properly so you must take a methylated version. RESTORE and organic sulfur to detox from pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. Digestive enzymes. Pycnogenol to control endometriosis.

What are your favorite beauty foods ?

2 liters of water per day, an autoimmune diet and our adaptogen holi youth :) It make your skin so radiant and beautiful. The marine collagen helps the gut by lowering inflammation which in turn lowers rosacea and redness. The pearl powder truly makes your skin glow. It is a must have product! It also contains holy basil. Holy basil is an adaptogenic herb that lowers the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that our body makes when we are stressed, upset, anxious or fearful.

When cortisol levels are too high it completely affects the hormones. High cortisol levels cause the adrenal glands to go into flight or fight mode. When this happens, it throws the thyroid off. The thyroid controls our sex hormones so this will cause hormonal imbalances.

Agent Nateur

The next ingredient is Hawaiian spirulina, which is the best place to source it. Everyone should be taking this incredible supplement. It is the cleanest source of protein and calcium. It also helps the body detox.

What do you always have in your bag ?

My passport, my phone, my unreleased balm, holi oil, matte lipstick, my wallet and rosary beads :)

What is the futur for Agent Nateur ? What is your futur product ?

So many products! But SPF and cleanser are up next!

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