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Glow Herbal Tea

Alma's GLOW herbal tea contains a blend of plants known for their effects on skin radiance. This formula is for dull skin or those who want a more glowy complexion. A more luminous skin and a spirit on vacation thanks to the exotic and spicy scent of Ginger, Citrus and Turmeric.

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capacity : 60g

A mixture rich in draining ingredients that contains : 
- Organic Red Grape: Traditionally used to improve blood circulation.
- Wild Pansy: Known for its purifying and draining action, it helps the body to get rid of toxins.
- Organic meadowsweet: It promotes skin drainage and the elimination of toxins. 
- Turmeric: Adaptogenic root known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 
- Orange and Ginger

Gluten free

Vitis vinifera, meadowsweet* 28.4%, coconut* 11.4%, ginger*, turmeric*, orange peel*, natural orange flavor*, ginger essential oil*, wild pansy 4.3%.
* 95,7% ingredients from organic farming.

For a real difference on your skin, start and end your day with a cup of Alma herbal tea. For one person, steep 5 grams in 200ml of simmering water for 2-3 minutes.

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