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Cupping Face

The rejuvenating cupping massage is an ancient technique that simultaneously works the skin and muscles of the face in depth. Bazar Bio's Cupping Face increases blood and lymphatic circulation, boosts collagen and elastin production and relaxes the muscles to erase wrinkles and redefine facial contours.

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The results are visible in only 10 minutes and are consolidated with each use. The skin will become more supple and toned, it will be more radiant and plump. 

The benefits are multiple: 

- Activates microcirculation 

- Boosts the production of collagen and elastin

- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

- Drains the lymph 

- Tones and relaxes the muscles

- Redefines the contours

- Adds radiance

- Allows better absorption of skin care products 

- Reduces puffiness

- Volumizing lips

The Bazar Bio Tools Cupping Face kit includes : 

- A small silicone cup for eye and lip contours.

- A 25mm glass cup to work on small areas of the face

- A 35mm glass cup to work the whole face

Made from medical grade glass and food grade silicone.

To care for your Cupping Face, remove the rubber bulb and wash with hot soapy water.

Gluten free

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