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Infrared sauna blanket

Discover the infrared blanket, your new beauty and slimming ally.

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The benefits of this blanket are manifold.
Thanks to the high level of sweating it generates, the infrared sauna blanket will help you evacuate toxins from the body and burn calories, promote radiant skin, reduce stress and improve mood, as well as increasing blood flow and circulation.

The infrared sauna purifies your skin and eliminates accumulated toxins through perspiration. It's also a great ally against cellulite, as it promotes drainage and helps burn fat. After your session, your skin will be more radiant and your circulation boosted.

The infrared sauna blanket has one heating zone, 1-9 levels and a handle controller.

Voltage : 220v 
Wattage : 350-420 Watts
Amps : 4-5 Amps
Timer settings : 1 hour
Electric field : Low EMF
Warranty : One-year limited warranty.

Dimensions : 71 x 71 inches (180 x 180 cm), unfolded.
Maximum inner circumference in use is approx. 65 inches (165 cm).

Operating Instruction :

- Place the sauna blanket on a bed or flat surface.
- Connect the sauna blanket to the controller and connect the controller to the power supply.
- Press the POWER button to turn on/off
- Press the TIME adjustment button + or _ to set the desired time. The default setting is 60 minutes.
- Press the TEMPERATURE adjustment buttons + or - to set the desired temperature. We recommend 50 degrees.
- When you have finished your desired time, disconnect the blanket and clean the sauna blanket with a clean soft cloth.

Safety Information

- Do not use the sauna blanket within 30 minutes before or after eating.

- It is recommend to put a bath towel on the blanket to absorb sweat

- We recommend to wear loose sauna clothes and avoid wearing metals, jewelery, or any magnetic apparel while inside the blanket.

- It is highly recommended to drink 200-300ml water prior to use.

- Please turn on and use it when the users is inside the blanket. The sauna blanket has double layers and therefore too mush heat against each layer will damage the product.

- The blanket and controller may become hot. Please place both objects on a heat resistant surface. Also, do not place the controller and any other objets on top of the blanket.

- Do not fold the blanket while it is hot and cooling down. This can cause damage to the heating wires and the interior material of the blanket. Let it cool down completely before folding.

- Disconnect the sauna blanket then not in use.

- Keep the product clean, using a soft cloth.

- Store the sauna blanket at room temperature and in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

- This blanket is not intended for use by persons (including children) with metal in the body (for example, a heart stent installed), reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge for their safety.

- If you have any medical conditions or symptoms listed within the brochure, we do not recommend using the blanket without consulting your doctor first.

Care and storage :

- Do not use water, flammable or any other chemical solutions to clean the product.
- keep the product clean, using a soft cloth.
- When not in use, store as follows : allow it to cool down before folding. Do not crease the blanket by placing items on top of it during storage.
- Do not immerse the sauna blanket in water.
- Do not insert pins
- Do not dry clean
- Do not bleach
- Do not wash
- Not to be used by very young children (0-3 years)
- Keep the blanket inside, away from sunlight or hot surfaces.
- Dispose of according to your local regulations at the end of product usage life.

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