Fortified Calming Tea Caddy Refill

Fortified Calming Tea Caddy Refill

More than just a tea. Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea is a natural and effective blend of herbs perfect before bed if you have difficulty sleeping, but also effective during the day when you need a moment of stillness and calm

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Herbal Tea "Detox" ALMA - Full Size + Body Brush BAZAR BIO TOOLS
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capacity : 50 sachets

Find a sense of calm with a soothing blend of herbs and moment to pause.

Improve Sleep
A bedtime ritual that allows you to unwind and stop the mind racing.

Balance Hormones
Improved sleep and calmer days keep cortisol and other hormones in check.

Sleep was invented so we could detox and repair from the day we have just had. Sleep has a direct impact on our physical and emotional health. Even if you are super healthy you will still produce internal pollution, called free radicals, from the standard conversion of food into useable energy.

50 tea bags refill.

Gluten free | Sans huiles essentielles | Vegan

Lemon balm (43%*), Hops (23%*), Valerian root (16%*), Passionflower (6%*), Skullcap, Natural mango flavour, Natural lemon favour

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