The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe

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The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe

Coconut oil is renowned for its high concentration of lauric / caprylic acid, known for its natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, making it the perfect healthy choice for a multi-use cleansing cloth.

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These pure and simple make-up remover and cleansing wipes are your new everyday essential. Infused with the same radiance boosting properties as our RMS Raw Coconut Cream, these use-anywhere wipes melt away makeup, cleanse, soften and moisturize skin, all in one making them perfect for even lazy face washers.

– Melts away stubborn eye makeup with ease

– Cleanses skin without stripping or irritation

– Nourishing and moisturizing for sensitive skin

– Safe for use near delicate eye area and lashes

– Helps to soothe rashes and sunburn

– Calms and softens post-shave skin

– Helpful for blemish-prone skin

– Gentle enough for babies

– 100% eco-friendly

Vegan | Sans huiles essentielles | Gluten free

*Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

In colder temperatures coconut oil will solidify. Hold unopened packet between the palms of your hands for 10-20 seconds in order to liquefy and evenly distribute oil.

Start with the eye area first as this is where the most stubborn makeup is, then move on to the rest of the face. Gently wipe face with unfolded towelette, removing all traces of face and eye makeup. Don't forget to use both sides of the wipe too!

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