Roller Gha Sha Set Roller Gha Sha Set Roller Gha Sha Set

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Roller Gua Sha Set

This set consists of one rose quartz Gua Sha tool and one rose quartz dermal roller. Both can be used during skin care routine for massage and anti aging benefits however, the two have differentiating factors.

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The roller is a more gentle approach and has a smaller roller utilized for the eye area, the roller can also be used as a supplement to a sheet mask. 
The Gua Sha has similar functions only its grooves can be used around the jaw line, and points can be used as acupressure targeting tension on the head area for headaches and migraines, the Gua Sha cannot be used on top of a sheet mask.
Both can be cooled in the fridge to assist in cooling of the skin and reducing appearance of redness. For more in depth information on each, please visit the products page individually.


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