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Blue LED Blemish Stick Blue LED Blemish Stick

Solaris Laboratories NY
Blue LED Blemish Stick

Blue LED Blemish stick is a non invasive light therapy emitting 415 nm wavelength for the preventing and reducing of mild to moderate acne.  Blue LED has been clinically shown to successfully treat and prevent acne without chemicals or side effects such ass redness, flaking or dry skin. 

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What does Blue LED treat :
- Inflamed Acne
- Blemishes
- Black Heads
- White Heads
- Reducing oil/sebum production

What Blue LED will do :
- Speeds by blemish recovery by killing acne causing bacteria
- Reduces the number of blemishes
- Prevents reoccurrence
- Improves skin clarity

Vegan | Sans huiles essentielles | Gluten free

It has been shown in clinical studies that the 415 nm wavelength of Blue LED effectively kills acne causing bacteria and controls oil production for further prevention and skin irritation
What products to use
The smart tool activates on touch via moisture on skin and works best with water based serums or moisturizers not oil. It also works on cleansed damp skin. Water only may be used in place of serum. 

The tool comes with a cord that can be attached to the USB port on the tool, no batteries needed.  To clean, gently wipe down with damp cloth or sanitize with 70% or higher alcohol.  Allow to air dry between use. Do not rinse under running water. 
LED is safe for almost all skin types with mild to moderate acne. If unsure about safety of use, please consult with medical professional. Anyone with open wounds, active skin conditions or severe acne should not use this tool. If taking medication, consult with medical professional before use. If pregnant, are under 18 or have any active disease involving the skin consult with medical professional before use. Prior to use do a small skin test by using tool for few seconds.

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