Blue LED Blemish Stick

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Super Blue Led Zit Stick

Treat pimples with confidence that it will work and will be gentle on your skin! SUPER BLUE is a portable blemish stick speeds up acne healing time by almost half. Clinically proven blue and red LED lights work together to kill acne-causing bacteria to ultimately get rid of new or existing pimples. 

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Unlike larger apparatuses like the mask, this is meant to be used as a targeted spot treatment for any new pimples that come up to quickly zap them and give your skin a concentrated dose of blue LED to a specific spot that needs the treatment. This product uses a triple-A battery and is not rechargeable.

What does Blue LED treat :
- Inflamed Acne
- Blemishes
- Black Heads
- White Heads
- Reducing oil/sebum production

Gluten free


Kills acne-causing bacteria
Helps control face oil
Gets rid of blemishes
Speeds up clearance time by almost half

On clean dry skin place the pen over a new or existing pimple. Allow 2-3 minutes per treatment. Remove off the skin and resume regular activity

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use with retinol. Use on clean dry skin. Never look directly at the light. If unsure consult with a medical professional prior to use. Read instructions, warnings, and precautions prior to use. Perform a light test prior to using. 

Packaging is 100% Recyclable. 

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