Cacao cru en poudre Cacao cru en poudre

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Cacao cru en poudre

The raw, unroasted beans are fermented and sundried over several days in an ambient tropical temperature below 46°C. The fermentation process is a key stage in the development of the classic aroma and ­flavour.

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capacity : 150g

For the skin ? High in antioxydants, Cacao protect the skin and help for pre maturing aging.
Cacao has good amount of vitamin C and magnesium, which helps in protecting the skin and keeping it healthy.
Cacao contains omega 6 fatty acids, which helps in cellular healing. It also heals wounds and scars quickly.
Cacao has a raw enzyme, which helps in repairing the cell and its rejuvenation.
With super absorbent properties, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays and acts as a natural sunscreen.
Cacao helps in increasing and protecting blood flow to the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.
Cacao helps in improving the skin’s complexion. It also provides hydration to the skin, which is a must for a younger looking skin. 

- High in Iron
- High in Magnesium
- High in Potassium
- High in Copper

This rich and versatile Raw Organic Cacao Powder is derived from Peruvian beans that are grown in mineral rich volcanic soil at high elevation.

The organic cocoa powder comes in its purest form and retains all the nutritious qualities of the cacao bean. It is unaltered by over-processing or added sugar.
Cacao powder offers a bold and delectable chocolatey ­flavour without unwanted sugars and additives. It is a versatile ingredient, it can be stirred into drinks or added to smoothies and desserts.

Sans huiles essentielles | Vegan | Gluten free

100% Organic RAW Cacao Powder
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Naturally free from gluten and wheat.
No artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers.

Add cacao powder to your favourite smoothie, yogurt, drink and sweet recipes to create healthy chocolate treats.

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