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Ionic Iodine

Iodine helps to maintain normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal function of the nervous system, normal skin, normal thyroid hormone production and function, and normal cognitive function.

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capacity : 50ml

- 226 mcg iodine per serving (151% Recommended intake)
- Made from 100% natural minerals from the earth
- Simply mixed with de-ionized water
- Rapidly absorbed and 100% bioavailable
- Promotes optimal mineral balance
- No digestion required, due to their liquid form
- Easy to use, simply add a few drops to water

Kiki Health naturally occurring ionic minerals are designed to restore minerals at the cellular level.
When added to de-ionized water, these ionic liquid concentrates made from 100% naturally occurring minerals from the earth, help bring about a state of’mineralibrium,’ or optimal tissue mineral balance.
Their liquid form makes them easily digestible and fully bioavailable to the body as they can be absorbed quickly without being digested, allowing you to reap their benefits without delay.


Potassium iodide, de-ionised water

Adults and children aged 4 + take 2 drops (0.13ml) daily in a glass (250ml) of water or juice.

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