Mushroom Mocha Milk Mushroom Mocha Milk Mushroom Mocha Milk

Anima Mundi
Mushroom Mocha Milk

Anima Mundu Mushroom Mocha Milk is the perfect addition to literally anything —  coffees, chais, ice cream, power protein balls, and even savory sauces like mole! It’s the perfect combination of heirloom organic cacao, dreamy coconut cream powder, and boosted with a seven adaptogenic mushroom blend. Purposefully unsweetened! 

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poids : 227g

This blend is 100% organic and made with organic and locally grown mushroom extract powders. Those extract powders are double extracted and bioavailable, therefore ready for instant use. 

Key Benefits:
- Adaptogenic. 
- Vegan and nourishing creamer.
- Loaded with iron and magnesium.
- May boost immune power. 
- May aid in balancing the body.
- Can support the proper function of many organ systems.
- May help relieve stress.
- Great for kids!

Gluten free | Sans huiles essentielles | Vegan

37 servings (using 1Tbsp per serving) per container.

Anima Mundi's Coconut Cream Powder*, Heirloom Organic Cacao*, and a blend of 7 mushrooms: Reishi*, Chaga*, Cordyceps*, Lions Mane*, Agaricus*, Shiitake*, and Maitake*.

Add 1-2 Tbsp of Mushroom Mocha Milk to 1 cup of hot water and it’s ready to drink! Or jazz it up with coffee, nut milk...

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